Jobs in – Senior Non-Linear Editor

The Executive Video Editorƒ??s main responsibilities are to edit and shoot all kind of video projects. They must have excellent grip on camera work with gimbal operating, ability to fly, operate and use drone cameras, editing skills as a Non-Linear Editor (NLE) in Adobe Premiere Pro and working knowledge of Adobe After Effects to work with templates.

Essential Duties And Responsibilities

  • – Manage video editing according to assigned projects
  • – Have good knowledge of camera operating and video shooting in the field
  • – Have good knowledge of drone operating
  • – Completing edits of assigned projects within the timeline
  • – Coordinating with clients and team mates to get the work done in a proactive way
  • – Coordinating with regional resources and head office to complete and deliver work.
  • – Within city traveling will be a regular feature to shoot projects.
  • – Ability to quickly setup for shooting and executing video work in the field.

Abilities/Preferred Skills

  • – Knowledgeable in regards to video editing in multiple software packages
  • – Have good knowledge of Adobe After Effects.
  • – Should be flexible enough to stay updated with new software
  • – Knowledgeable for Drone Flying and all of its features
  • – Operatable for all kind of DSLR for Videography and Photography
  • – Knowledgeable for indoor studio and outdoor light balancing
  • – Knowledgeable in regards to the latest production related equipment
  • – Should be creative enough to visualize any space with contemporary essence

Knowledge & Skills

  • – Minimum 2-3?? years of experience in video production
  • – Must be proficient in Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Audition
  • – Critical thinking and problem solving

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