Zameen Careers – Account Manager – Sales is looking to hire a passionate candidate for its ƒ??Sales Consultantƒ?? post.


The applicant selected for this opening will be tasked with selling project property units, paying client visitations, giving demonstrations, carrying out site visits, and closing deals. Further, he (or she) will be responsible for effectively communicating project sales offers, following up with clients for deals maturation/healthy relationship management (and keeping them updated on their chosen property concerns), renegotiating property prices with buyers where needed, and defining project KPIs to expedite individual performance levels.

Minimum Qualifications:

-Must be resident of Lahore

-Bachelor’s degree in Business/Marketing/Sales or relevant subject.

-Must have 1-2 years experience in Sales/Business Development (Freshers can apply too)

-Must have personal conveyance

Job Location: Lahore

No. of Positions: 30

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