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The Citizens Foundation


The incumbent will work with the Formal Schools ƒ?? Program Design Team on the overall planning, development, and review of TCFƒ??s various curriculum objectives, including but not limited to: developing the framework for teaching and learning materials for different subjects (such as Urdu and Science), managing content development for TCF textbooks and teacher guides, and reviewing content created internally as well as by external partners. The incumbent will be responsible for managing a team of curriculum developers by reviewing their work and resource development for TCFƒ??s flagship and partnership schools.

Additionally, the incumbent will be responsible for leading several design aspects, such as policy writing, resource development, and implementation of broader academic projects at TCF, such as TCFƒ??s remediation program.

  • Develop SLO and competency based curriculum frameworks for several subjects based on international research, alignment with Pakistanƒ??s national core curriculum, and TCFƒ??s context
  • Work closely with external partners in reviewing curricula and associated resources such as textbooks and teacher guides
  • Manage a team of content developers in ensuring cohesion in the resource materials by reviewing work and offering feedback
  • Closely work with graphic designers and offer feedback on textbook layout and thematic structure
  • Research innovative modes of instructional delivery and pedagogical practices to transfer concepts to different types of learners
  • Coordinate with subject developers to determine the syllabus for TCF schools on a frequent basis
  • Be responsible for developing assessment items for various purposes (teacher testing, monitoring student progress internally and externally)
  • Be responsible for yearly and on-going projects, annual school opening activities and school policy in terms of managing the projects from design to on-ground delivery
  • Collaborate with multiple departments on a range of projects related to the development of curriculum, student learning outcomes, testing and similar activities
  • Prepare clear, user-friendly reports, presentations, and data visualizations for the education management team for strategic road-mapping.

Required Skills

  • Knowledge or experience of instructional approaches for languages
  • Strong command over Urdu linguistic concepts
  • Strong design thinking and attention to detail
  • Strong communication skills in Urdu and English
  • Ability to plan and organize activities within strict timelines
  • Ability to read and critically analyze data and situations
  • Ability to research and collate information
  • Ability to review and analyze curricular content
  • Strong advisor/partnering skills to work effectively with designers and program developers
  • Passion to stay current on educational content and teaching methods
  • Expertise of Microsoft Office
  • Strong design thinking and problem solving skills
  • Ability to understand the nuances of the different contexts in which TCF schools operate.


Bachelorƒ??s degree


For candidates with a bachelorƒ??s degree: preferably 2-3 years in teaching, training or curriculum development

For candidates with a masterƒ??s degree in a related field, prior work experience is not mandatory.

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