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The purpose of this position is to assist and facilitate manager in matters regarding external receivable solutions that aid and optimizes KE recovery business model through outsourced services. The position is expected to perform ground level work for initiatives/projects that are taken up by the department which include,

– Extract data from the data extraction tools available from IT and gather data from relevant stakeholders

– Build up and create business documents in the form of RFPs, BRDs, Concept papers and/or Presentations

– Build up data models on spreadsheets

– Schedule meetings or brainstorm sessions with relevant stakeholders

– Create process maps of the targeted process that may needs to be reviewed by management

– Assist data analysis between varied data sets and conclude results


Project Management 50%

The position is expected to facilitate Manager:

– Extract relevant data from system for eventual data analysis,

– Schedule trainings and meeting sessions with relevant teams,

– Share accurate and critical information with relevant stakeholders.


– Prepare business requirement documents (BRD),

– Prepare process maps/charts,

– Prepare SOP documents,

– Prepare user manuals that address key steps of the target business process.

Training and Development

– Assist in execution of training and development model that provides required training to receivable management stakeholders,

– Conduct demo training sessions that facilitate end users,

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

– Conduct timely UAT of the proposed improvement to a business process,

– Cross check all possible process scenarios/use cases during the testing phase,

– Complete all UAT documentation required to complete testing phase.

Sustaining and Maintaining systems

– Assist in preparation of change request forms for ITG or other service providers,

– Assist in preparation of process maps that highlight the change or improvisation,

– Assist in gathering feedback from all stakeholders or end user that are directly impacted by the change,

– Assist in making changes in the current SOP document.

Management Reporting 40%

– Assist in preparation of timely, accurate and meaningful business reporting e.g. recovery productivity, cost consumption against budget etc.,

– Assist in ensuring completion of all relevant data extractions through IT provided data points SAP, Qlikview, BEX and others

– Assist in data reconciliation and compilation from all IBC/Cluster as and when necessary

– Facilitate manager in monitoring any exceptions to budget over/under consumptions in a timely manner,

– Continuously develop and learn new skills on data reporting of businesses

Budgeting & Financial Modeling 10%

– Assist budget preparation of yearly budget exercise,

– Extract and gather budget relevant numbers for the yearly budget exercise,

– List down all relevant budget items of the department,

– Extract previous yearƒ??s budget consumption number.

Financial Modelling

– Prepare excel based financial models,

– Incorporate relevant number calculating formulae to drive numbers

– Incorporate all financial factors that have an impact on receivable management domain


Minimum Bachelorƒ??s degree in any business discipline or an equivalent finance certification

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