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Job Purpose:

AM Payroll & Funds is primarily responsible for managing the following functions.

1. Manage KE Gratuity Funds’ Day to Day activities in compliance with Rules and regulations defined in respective Trust deeds and applicable laws (Income Tax Law, SECP), quarterly & annual reporting of Accounts, Cash flow & Fund position to Trustees of Gratuity Fund for investments & decision makings, completion of audit of accounts, filing of income tax return, arranging exemption from WHT certificate etc.

2. Manage KE Workers Profit participation Funds` Day to Day activities in compliance with Rules and regulations defined in respective Trust deeds and applicable laws (Sind Workers Profit Participation Fund), preparation of annual financial statements, completion of audit of accounts and presenting to the Board of Trustees of Workers Profit Participation Fund.

3. Processing of Monthly payroll of DGM & below employees.


MBA Finance / ACCA


Extensive Knowledge of:

1. Accounting and finance.

2. Payroll processing.

3. Income Tax Laws.

4. Sindh Companies Profit (Workers Participation) Act.

5. SECP Rules and Regulations for Investments by Retirement benefit Funds.

6. Investment Analysis (Research & technical assessment).

7. Microsoft office (advance User).

8. SAP HCM and FICO & Microsoft office Application.

9. Exposure of managing a complete payroll (Finance side) cycle of around 3k employees & related taxes.

10. Retirement benefits Funds accounting & Financial reporting

11. Knowledge of statutory payments like EOBI, Sessi, etc.


ƒ?› 2 ƒ?? 3 Years of industry / firm experience.

Areas of Responsibilities:

1 K-Electric Employees Gratuity Funds` Management.

ƒ?› Operationally Manage and perform KE Gratuity Funds` Day to Day activities in compliance with Rules and regulations defined in respective Trust deeds and applicable laws.

ƒ?› Preparation & reporting of Quarterly & annual financial statements for onward submission to trustees of the fund

ƒ?› Liaison with external auditors & trustees to ensure timely completion of audit.

ƒ?› Coordinate with Taxation Department for timely availability of Exemption certificates to avoid Withholding of taxes from fundsƒ?? incomes earned from investments

ƒ?› Coordinate with Taxation Department for timely submission of annual income tax return by providing all the requisite details and information.

ƒ?› Preparation of Monthly & Quarterly Fund management report to Trustees of Gratuity Fund that covers Fund Position report, Cash flow forecast, Current performances of Investments made by the Fund, market performance of avenues where fund has invested & best Investment Options available for the funds for Investments & cash flow management.

ƒ?› Identification (Market Research & Meeting with Banks & investment companies) and analysis of available Investment options as per SECP rules and regulations for Trustees decision making.

ƒ?› Maintain UpToDate records of all financials & non-financial data that include but not limited to Investment schedules, Minutes of the Meetings & specific approvals of Trustees etc. & ensure GLs of the fund reflects correct and UpToDate position of fund at any reporting date.

ƒ?› Preparation & Reporting of Data required for annual actuarial Valuation.

ƒ?› Coordination with IT-FI team to develop tools that helps in strengthening & maintaining Effective internal controls system & reporting of funds financials.

ƒ?› Coordinate with Taxation department for timely filing of funds annual income tax return.

2. Payroll Management (DGM & Below).

ƒ?› Timely Execution of monthly payroll of DGM and below employees as per the established guidelines.

ƒ?› Review & reconcile financial Data (medical limits & Re-imbursements, PF & WF Data, Free electricity benefit, Professional Tax etc.) incorporated into the system by Team.

ƒ?› Perform monthly Reconciliations of Payroll Data provided by HR required to obtain approval for disbursement.

ƒ?› Maintain effective Coordination with P.S, IT and Treasury Team for smooth execution of payroll.

ƒ?› Maintain effective coordination with banks to ensure timely disbursement of salaries to employees & resolve any salary rejection issues.

ƒ?› Ensure timely dissemination of monthly pay slips to employees.

ƒ?› Assist PS team in case of implementing any change in wage structure in the system.

ƒ?› Coordinate with IT-HRM Team for development of tools & utility that helps strengthening system controls, efficient reporting & enhancing employee facilitations.

ƒ?› Maintains strict confidentiality of personnel data.

3 Other Assignments, monthly & annually.

ƒ?› Participate in preparation of annual payroll budget & data for Actuary for finalization of cost of gratuity for the year.

ƒ?› Review of final settlement cases (In absence of Manager).

ƒ?› Preparation & submission of annual Professional Tax payments to excise & taxation.

ƒ?› Ad-hoc reporting of financials related to pay roll data & gratuity fund and investments to internal stake holders (PS, Trustees, FR & management) as and when requested.

ƒ?› Assist in Ensuring Controls designed & implemented are being reviewed on regular basis.

ƒ?› Assist in Ensuring Effective coordination with internal Stake holders to ensure goal congruence achieved.

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