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The purpose of Onboarding team lead is to manage the team and to make improvisations to the Onboarding Framework. Ensuring that the team works in synergy to maximize employee experience, make innovations and improvisations based on employee feedback. The impact is that the employee is engaged from day 1 and thereby productivity is maximized.

People Connect Quality Assurance is created to ensure appropriate checks are in place to maintain and to make recommendations to enhance the performance of People Connect. Optimization of People Connect operations ensures efficient delivery of services to the employee thereby increasing employee engagement.

When the employee maximizes their potential, the department and thereby the organizationƒ??s performance is optimum.


Business/Public Administration

Masters in Business/Public Administration


Graduate: 4-5 years of experience

Masters: 2-3 years of experience2-3 years of experience

Areas of Responsibilities:

1.Quality Assurance of People Services:

Record, analyze and evaluate

ƒ?› Portal content

ƒ?› Lounge agents

ƒ?› Ticket comments

ƒ?› Email replies

ƒ?› Application content

ƒ?› SMS feedback

ƒ?› Q-Matic feedback

ƒ?› Comments book feedback

ƒ?› Portal feedback

2.Manage the Onboarding Framework and Supervise the Onboarding Team

ƒ?› Implementation of Onboarding Framework and ensure smooth flow of process

ƒ?› Alignment and management of stakeholders to optimize employee experience

ƒ?› Continuous improvement through implementation of improvisations as per the HRBP’s analysis derived from employee feedback

ƒ?› To structure and organize the workload effectively

ƒ?› Engage and motivate the team to optimize service delivery

ƒ?› Develop strengths and skills of team for personal growth of individual members

ƒ?› Build a team that performs to deliver outstanding employee experience with minimum supervision

3.Project Management

ƒ?› Automate Qualitative Input in QA Dashboard

ƒ?› Enhancement of QA Portal

ƒ?› Automation of Onboarding

ƒ?› Develop Mechanism for QA/QC for Delivery of Services

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