i2c Internship – Associate/ System Administrator (03 Positions)

i2c Inc.

Job Description

  • Build, release, and manage the configuration of all production systems.
  • Manage a continuous integration and deployment methodology for server-based technologies.
  • Implement continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.
  • Manage current infrastructure/Cloud.
  • Manage infrastructure/Cloud access and security.
  • Design, develop and test automating infrastructure management.
  • Design, develop and test automating node/DB fail-over.
  • Define internal data, application, deployment, access, and system audit strategy.
  • Defining docker containerization strategy, standards and best-practices.
  • Defining Kubernetes orchestration strategy, standards and best-practices.
  • Manage deliverable expectations with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Designing HA/SRE processes using Load Balancers.
  • Designing security policies.
  • Key handling, encryption/decryption using HSM.
  • Infrastructure and application security.
  • Control/manage Source code (SVN/GIT).
  • Restructuring of applications for high availability and redundancy using HA/SRE strategies.
  • Upgrade for OS, Firmware etc.
  • Applications Performance Tuning.
  • Security and Infrastructure Compliance and Audits.

We Are Looking For

  • Education: BSCS/MSCS
  • Experience: .6Months – 2 Years


  • Good Software Engineering, Dev OPS and systems administration skills.
  • If the resource will be capable to work with Linux and Sun Solaris that would be a plus.
  • Basic Systems, Databases and Network layer concepts.

Job Location:

  • Lahore

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