i2c Internship – Associate VOIP Engineer (02 Position)

i2c Inc.


  • To handle admin task of Electrical works
  • Monitoring of UPS, Gen-sets, DBs of all i2c office sites.
  • Maintenance and repairing all kind of electric related jobs
  • Taking care of office tools/equipment.


  • Can read / write in English, note readings , basic calculation regarding load capacity.
  • Hands-on with equipment repair and maintenance.
  • Good comprehension and team player.
  • Flexibility to work in shifts.
  • Preferably residing near office site and approachable.
  • Knowledge of Power distribution panels.
  • Gen Set Operations.
  • UPS and electrical wiring infrastructure.
  • Working of ATS and breakers.
  • Ability to take decision and corrective action.


  • Min. 10th grade with Technical Education DAE Certificate.

Required Experience

  • 5 Years Min.

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