Afiniti Internship – Senior Server Engineer



Afiniti is the world’s leading applied artificial intelligence and advanced analytics provider. Afiniti Enterprise Behavioural Pairingƒ?› uses artificial intelligence to identify subtle and valuable patterns of human interaction in order to pair individuals on the basis of behaviour, leading to more successful interactions and measurable increases in enterprise profitability. Afiniti operates throughout the world, and has measurably driven billions of dollars in incremental value for our clients.

Role Description

A PS team member is cross-functional, multi-skilled individual who must perform tasks which are usually done by separate and many different teams. A PS team member is cross-functional, multi-skilled individual who must perform tasks which are usually done by separate and many different teams.A PS team member is cross-functional, multi-skilled individual who must perform tasks which are usually done by separate and many different teams.

Key Responsibilities

In addition to knowing the Airo product end-to-end, a PS team member is expected to perform the following activities:

Client Communication

Speak daily with clients around the world

Respond over mail and chat within a single business day

Explain the Airo product and it’s benefit to the client

Field client questions and respond to their concern

Work with Afiniti sales and partnership teams and provide technical and product guidance in support of the sales process

Business And Data Analysis

Understand the business benefit of Afiniti

Know the basic concepts behind metric identification and optimization, A/B testing via Afiniti ON/OFF benchmarks, modelling vs. simulation

Have an intermediate level competence in SQL

Understand how ETL processes works

Explain Airo data requirements to the client

Understand and capture the details of the clientsƒ?? data environments and data sources and identify which ones will be of use to Airo

Help the client design data pipelines and databases using the data formats specified by Airo

Write SQL and custom scripts using Bash, Python, and/or PowerShell to build data pipelines.

Should have basic knowledge of Bash, Python, and/or PowerShell or learn one of them very quickly on the job

Should be able to use Excel with at least an intermediate level of competence

Airo Installation

Install Airo application in test environments (as well as help build test environments) as well as in production

Understand the Airo installation script and process in full details, know and be able to install it’s prerequisites, and be aware of their quirks/shortfalls

Identify issues with installation, fix and/or report them

Liaising With Tier 3 Support

Identify problems with Airo product

Communicate them clearly via written reports and verbal discussions

Create bug reports to help fix bugs and problems with the product for engineering teams (Tier 3)

Suggest improvement to products in concrete terms and offer technical solutions to problems

Write user stories and feature requests to help materialize the new features for engineering teams (Tier 3)

Routing And Telephony

Basic understanding of the concept behind VoIP

Full grasp of basic telephony terminology (examples: dial plan, call path, call control)

Understand how Afiniti core routing engine works and know about its constituent parts

Understand Avaya terminology and be able to describe Avaya products

Know the Avaya-Airo compatibility chart and understand Avaya product version and the availability of Airo features in Avaya products

Infrastructure And Networks

Intermediate to advanced competence in the use of Linux (preferably Redhat or Centos)

Able to troubleshoot problems on the shell via Unix Core Utilities

Basic understanding of what containers are, how to run, load, and save them

Understand IP networks and recognize common problems that arise on IP networks

Have a clear understanding of the importance of data security and should be able to identify common uses and practices that will result in data breaches, unauthorized access, or loss of data

The Ideal Candidate Will Have

4 to 8 years

Understanding of Business product (Airo)

Excellent written and verbal communication skills along with proficiency in Cisco, Avaya, Linux, SQL, Python, Bash, PowerShell and VoIP

Education & Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in (preferably) Computer Science or Electrical/Electronic Engineering.

Exceptional experience and work history will be considered in lieu of formal CS/EE education.

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